Shorten link, Share & Earn Money!

VAVI, turns your long connections into short and intriguing. Your connections have been active for years and all the analysis of your connections is stored. Moreover, you will earn money from the links you created with VAVI!

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Use the best of the best!

We value our publishers!

We really want you to try VAVI; with real and instant counters, reliable and fast payments, popular payment methods and support staff who we promise you to be on your side all the time.

The best of the alternatives

VAVI, is the best of its kind in the industry, both in terms of reliability and usage. VAVI is simple, has broad features and hasn't details.!

It is safe with everything

With daily payments, the open source structure and about years of storage of the connections, we have made the principle of giving confidence to the users.

Trouble-free payments

We think about you while you pay and when you receive payment. We promise to provide the most secure and proportionate sharing, we work with low commissions.

We focused on the main issue

Advanced management panel

We want you to be able to find the links you have created, after the years too. That's why we have created the VAVI Panel, with advanced features so that you can keep your target link under control continuous.

To be honest is everything!

We promise, our counters are enormous!

VAVI counters guarantee the actual visitans to reckon up to %99.5. Our counters work concurrently in the publisher and advertiser panels.

For publishers

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For advertiser

Easily give ads, now!

In VAVI, it takes your minutes to create your own ad connections. Type the country you want to give advertise and the number of visitors you target, create your budget, enter your campaign information and publish your ad right away. Pay as much as the number of visitors.

Get the detailed analytical data about your Ads, learn information and report on your visitors.

For advertiser

Edit your ads.

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Simple advertising policy.

You'll like our ad policy

We accept ads in three categories: desktop, tablet, and mobile. Ads 100% compatible readied, with for both the visitors and for the advertiser's prestige. We are publishing advertisements that will not bored visitors, and will attract their interests. We develop ourselves every day in this regard.

Affordable price options

You can advertise the most appropriate price, the number of visitors and target mass you want. You decide it.

Upload, create, publish

Upload balance to your account, set up your ad campaign and make sure your ad goes live in minutes. We're too fast.

Different ad methods

Web View, Mobile View and Pop-up ad alternatives helps you, choose the most sensible target audience for your campaigns.